Server Requirements

We recommend that you purchase a server from our server partner CCAOS/Hosixy.
They are extremely well versed in the requirements for Lead Gadget.

Their servers are also fully managed. If there is an issue, they will fix it.

However, if you decide to purchase a server from another provider, the requirements below must be met:

You must tell the provider the following:

“My server must have Ubuntu 16.04 64bit LTS with no control panels or other software.
The server must allow root access via SSH.”

My server must have python installed.” If it is a VPS server you must also tell them:

“it can not be an OpenVZ based VPS because I require Linux kernel versions >= 3.13.x”

To use Lead Gadget, your server must meet the following system requirements:

Operating System Ubuntu LTS 16.04
Architecture 64-bit
Kernel >= 3.2
Virtualization Any (except OpenVZ on RHEL 6 or earlier due to its old kernel)
Memory >= 256 MB

To connect your server to Lead Gadget, your server must be a fresh server without any existing website, web server, database server, or mail server installed on it.